Support Services

Reduce and Contain Technology Costs

ASEC is built on the principles of providing dependable services and innovative solutions while reducing and containing technology cost for our clients. Our services range from business continuity to cloud and virtualization to designing, developing, and integrating software in order for your business to prosper. ASEC’s integrity is based on a strong belief in following industry standards and best practices and to listening to the customer’s needs.

Our consultants show customers how the right Information Technology can help them achieve their goals.

Business Continuity

When disruptions threaten business continuity, it is important to respond quickly and effectively in order to mitigate losses. We assist clients with any and every kind of business continuity-related project or issue. ASEC professionals can assess the situation in consideration of your long-term business continuity goals, to implement the project in a way that aligns with your organization’s practices and strategies.

Cloud & Virtualization

The desire to move to virtualization and cloud computing is at an all-time high. The convergence of Internet technologies, virtualization and large-scale data centers has created a powerful new way to deliver services while reducing cost and increasing flexibility and scalability. Whether you’re just getting started with your cloud or virtualization strategy, or looking for smart ways to expand current initiatives, we can help in your efforts.

Network Management

The success of your business relies on designing, deploying and maintaining a network that is cost-effective, robust and flexible. With more complex networks come complex designs and planning processes that require unique expertise. ASEC professionals have deep expertise in network design, deployment and management. This enables you to cut operating expenses and boost network performance, resiliency and availability.